SASA - RESI Bassethoundkennel

About us

We are the Arends family : Sivert, Sandra, our son Remco and daughter Sanne.I worked as a store manager at Munnichs shoes in Venlo www.munnichs.nl and Sandra for 23 years in a nursing-home in Venlo as caring IG. We wanted to do something else and realise our long term dream! After two of our three dogs  deceased of old age and the now 14 year old jack russell Leika remained I wanted a dog which is more suited to me because the choice of the previous dogs often depended on the opinion from Sandra. Five years ago it was my choice: the English Basset Hound.  It is a breed that is active but can also be lazy…..does not listen all to well…

That fits me !
Sandra was in the first not amused with my choice. After a while she got the “basset hound virus” also.
Over a year later we decided that Diesel needed  a friend and the arrival of Lazy was a fact!
In that time the idea came to occasionally breed a litter. As already mentioned in the homepage, it is not wise to have a litter in a house with a small garden  to begin with. Our motto was and is : “if you do something, do it right” otherwise do not start.

One and a half year ago all the pieces fell at the right place and we realised our dream.
In March 2013 was the final decision and we went for it! We both gave up our jobs and on the 12 of July 2013 we moved with  the family to Hungary. Through Facebook you can follow how it went and still goes.

Our Kennel

A name for the new kennel was quickly found. We took the first two letters of us all and SaSa Resi basset hound kennel was born.
Sandra Sanne – Remco Sivert = SaSa ReSi
It is a big adventure for all of us but we are looking forward to!